Weinquelle Lühmann in Hamburg (Shop)

Weinquelle Lühmann in Hamburg (Liquor Store Whisky Whiskey Bourbon Beverages Bottles Sale Mailorder Buy)

Given the fact that I live almost next door from Weinquelle Lühmann, it should come as no surprise that this is by far my most-visited liquor store in all of Hamburg. But even if I was not a quasi-neighbor of theirs, I would still come to see them regularly. After all, they got a lot of superb bottles on offer, their prices are usually pretty good and the service is always top-notch. Although I am mostly on the look-out for whisky when I pop in on Weinquelle Lühmann’s inviting shop in Lübecker Strasse, I occasionally buy other high-percenters or wine from them, too. And last but not least, I also try to catch as many of the fantastic tastings they host in their principal office and main store in Siek several times throughout the year. If you live in the Hamburg area, you are highly recommended to subscribe to their newsletter and stay in the loop regarding their latest special offers and extra activities. And if you are visiting from abroad, you should at least check out the store and look for a nice bottle to take home or enjoy during your stay in our beautiful city!

by Tobi

Atmosphere: The interior of Weinquelle Lühmann’s medium-sized shop in Lübecker Strasse is not too spacious. Still, all wares are aligned neatly and there’s exciting bottles wherever you look.
Selection: “1,500 sorts of whisky” is written on one of the shop windows and “750 sorts of rum” on another. This place certainly deserves to be referred to as “The house of enormous variety”!
Price: Very good! Even on Helgoland – where alcohol is sold tax-free – I have been told by other store owners that they sometimes wonder how the Weinquelle team manages to offer their customers such hot deals. Obviously, this statement does not apply to all of their bottles to the same extent. But in general you can expect to cut a good deal when you buy from Weinquelle.
Service: The whole team is really friendly and absolutely knows their stuff. Oh, and did I mention that they are happy to pour you a dram for free (unless, of course, the place is packed with customers and there is no time for such an extra treat)?

Name: Weinquelle Lühmann
Type: Liquor store
Address: Lübecker Straße 145, 22087 Hamburg, Germany
Opening hours: Mon to Tue from 9.30am to 6.30pm, Sat from 9.30am to 1pm
More info: https://www.weinquelle.com/ (Website) ; https://www.facebook.com/WeinquelleLuehmann/ (Facebook)


  1. Looks great! I could spent hours in a place like that. I’ve not been to Hamburg since 1992. I don’t suppose the shop was there then? Not that I was looking for whisky during my tour of Europe. More of a beer man 25 years ago!

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    1. There’s actually a good chance the shop was already there in 1992. It’s a family business started in 1919 and the oldest photo I’ve found of the shop in its current location is from 1994. Weinquelle really has a looong tradition of bringing mighty fine beverages to the people of Hamburg. :)

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