Glen Elgin 20yo “Tropical Fruit Banquet” by Wemyss (Review)

Glen Elgin 20yo by Wemyss Malts "Tropical Fruit Banquet" (Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bourbon Cask)

Most of the time, composing tasting notes for a single cask bottling by Wemyss Malts is pretty easy. Cause thankfully the family-owned independent bottler has a habit of picking very telling names for its whiskies that usually do the character of the associated spirit great justice. Take this beautiful Glen Elgin 20yo, for example, which was exclusively released on the German market by the company’s local importer Vibrant Stills. Going by the mouthwatering moniker of Tropical Fruit Banquet, you do not even have to sniff or taste the content of the bottle to get an idea of what it will be like. Bursting with fruits and fresh as a daisy, this highly enjoyable Speysider is as good a summer’s dram as it gets! In an ideal world, I would be nipping it on a warm evening in August, while sitting on a sea-facing terrace and watching the red-gleaming sun slowly sink into the horizon. But in the real world, I neither own a cottage by the sea nor do we have too many picture-book summer days in Hamburg. Still, if I close my eyes and draw a glass of Tropical Fruit Banquet to my lips, I immediately find myself right in the middle of the very likable scenery I described before.

by Tobi

Eye: Light sandstone.
Nose: Immensely fruity with heaps of sugared pineapple, sweet lime, brandied pear and squashed kiwi. In addition, there are also yummy notes of warm lemon cake and creamy mascarpone.
Palate: Despite its considerable age, the Tropical Fruit Banquet is of surprisingly youthful and vivid character. It is fizzy, brisk, fresh and summerly. In it, green apples and seedless grapes mingle with fresh-made waffles and crisp malt. There is also a hint of lemon sourness.
Finish: Well-formed, delicate and filled with exotic fruits such as papayas, grapefruits and pineapples. Also, a bit of ginger shines through.

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland (Speyside)
Aged: 20yo
Cask: Bourbon hogshead
Alc. volume: 46%
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
Number of bottles: 328
Price range: ~80.00 Euro
More info: (Bottler) ; (Importer)


  1. As the first whisky I ever tasted, I’ve always had a soft spot for Glen Elgin, so it’s a shame there aren’t too many different expressions out there. You make this one sound like an absolute treat though, very nice review!

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    1. Ah, that sounds amazing. Unfortunately, I do not remember my very first whisky anymore. It took me quite a while to appreciate a good dram, so there were many incidents in which friends made me try a whisky but I didn’t really pay attention. Still, I’m very happy I developed a taste for it after all… :) Anyway, if you send me your address via e-mail, I’ll send a sample of that Glen Elgin your way. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!


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