Ovenbird Coffee aged for 10 Weeks in Whisky Barrels from Laphroaig (Review)

I had cast an eye on the Laphroaig expression of Ovenbird’s “Whisky Coffee Collection” for quite some time. The idea und story behind it sounded super-intriguing to me. However, there was one hurdle to take: as I am based in Germany, I had to purchase it from abroad. At first, this held me back from placing an order. But then my girlfriend gave me a quality french press as a birthday present. This motivated me to finally give it a go. And I am really happy for this decision! The contact with Ovenbird was nice, the delivery went quick and – most importantly – the product totally rules! Admittedly, I am less experienced in tasting coffee than whisky. But even as a novice, I immediately realized the difference between this craft product and the supermarket brand I drink in the office during the week. Sure, Ovenbird’s coffee from a Laphroaig barrel ain’t no bargain. But it is a very tasty treat that is absolutely worth its price – especially for an Islay fan like me!

by Tobi

Eye: Orange brown.
Nose: Sweet and aromatic with crisp barley, vanilla, flapjack and gingerbread.
Palate: Less sweet and more earthy. Black bread, crumbled caramel, thick-ish advocaat and maybe also a bit of Laphroaig’s typical “hospital” note. The differing flavors are well-balanced and and the coffee feels rich and full in the mouth.
Finish: A smooth, fruity finish in which wild strawberries mingle with natural licorice, vanilla pods and dark chocolate.

Type: Barrel-aged coffee
Region: Scotland
Age: 10 weeks
Alc. volume:
Cask type: Laphroaig Islay whisky barrel
Package size: 350 gram
Price range: ~22.00 Euro
More info: https://www.ovenbird.co.uk (Roastery)


    1. For me, this was the first point of contact with Ovenbird. But not the last – since I REALLY enjoy the Laphroaig expression, I’m now very curious to check out more of their work.


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