FABLE Blended Malt Scotch Whisky – Batch One (Review)

Header image of FABLE Blended Malt Scotch Whisky - Batch One

Recently, Glasgow-based indie bottler FABLE added a new category to its range: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. Initially, the young company started its endeavors in the whisky world with an 11-piece outturn of single cask bottlings from renowned production sites like Caol Ila, Benrinnes, or Blair Athol. Unlike these strictly limited releases, the Blended Malts come ingreater number (3,000 bottles) and with a reduced ABV (46.5 per cent). Also, they have lower price tags and easy-going flavor profiles – both of which make them great choices to be enjoyed either neat or mixed (check out FABLE’s social media accounts for cool cocktail and longdrink recipes). So far, FABLE has launched two editions of its Blended Malt. Sticking to the order of release, I am introducing Batch One on my blog first; and Batch Two later. When you closer examine FABLE’s first foray into the blending scene, the eye-catching label by super-talented illustrator Hugo L. Cuellar will give you lotsa infos: The 7 years old Scotch whisky was bottled on 17 January 2022. To keep it as pure and authentic as possible, FABLE left it uncolored and unchillfiltered. If you’re up for a little detective work, you can even identify the distilleries used in the recipe. Let me put it like this: I think, there is a reason we see a hound and crows in front of the moon on the label … character-wise, the mix of malts brings forth a savory, creamy, and mouth-pleasing drop that goes down smoothly. But beware: Once you’re done sipping this lovely dram, you might be surprised how much the fill level sank over the course of the evening!

by Tobi

Eye: Light colored.
Nose: Bright, lean, and easy with an invigorating freshness. First and foremost, I get lots of citrus and vanilla in this 7-year-old blended malt. Shortly after, a mead-like honey note appears, too. From underneath, the leading notes are accompanied by a nice mix of other aromas, most of ’em fruity: apple purree, banana chips, and quince jelly.
Palate: In the mouth, the whisky presents itself sweet and fruity. Moreso, however, it now also develops a wonderful creaminess. When I savor it, I taste lots and lots of waxy honey as well as vanilla pudding, whipped cream, white-choc muffin, and banana-flavored milkshake. A pinch of grated lemon zest freshens up the salivating mixture.
Finish: The finish is nice and appealing. Length-wise, it is more on the short side. Its main qualities are a delish sweetness (liquid honey, white chocolate), an yummy fruitiness (overripe peaches, yellow plums), and an alive-n-kickin’ spiciness (powdered pepper, sliced ginger). The differing notes are evenly distributed and everything’s wonderfully in balance.

Type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Scotland
Age: 7 years old
Alc. volume: 46.5 per cent
Cask: ex-Bourbon hogshead
Bottle size: 0.7 litres
# of bottles: 3,000
Price: 55.00 Euro
More info: https://fablewhisky.com/ (Bottler) ; https://www.prineus.com/ (German Importer)

*** I got the bottle for free from FABLE Whisky. Thank you. ***

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