Thy Whisky – Spelt-Rye (Review)

Header image of Thy Whisky Spelt-Rye

Earlier this year, my friend Aaron drove way up north to check out Denmark’s farm distillery Thy Whisky from up close. The distillery tour, about which you can read on his blog Drams United, certainly left an impression: In the weeks that followed, he started the “Thy Whisky Society Germany” community on Facebook, and he also bought his first (and most likely not last) cask share. At the first official cask owners’ meeting in Hamburg, he and the other participants got treated to a fantastic selection of whiskies. The first dram they tried was Thy’s Spelt-Rye, the only permanently available expression in the craft distillery’s portfolio. It is produced in small batches, following up on each other. Right now, I cannot find it in the Thy Online Shop, but I am sure it will be re-listed there soon. So keep your eyes peeled if you are eager to try an organically sourced and produced Danish rye whisky with a sweetish character, a softened mouthfeel, an elevated ABV, and a great overall appeal!

by Tobi

Eye: Darkened gold.
Nose: Sweet and delicate with a certain fulness underneath. The first sniff has lots of apple juice, butter cookie, and caramel creme. Also, there’s an aromatic cinnamon kick and a malty barley crunch. Furthermore, I sense a variety of light and juicy fruits (e.g., pears and apricots). The spices remain in the back …
Mouth: Now the grains step forth, providing a chewy greybread base on which all sorts of other delicacies are spread: quince jelly, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and zest graters. Plus a heavy sip of café au lait and a thin cover of powdered white pepper. This organic Danish rye whisky has a lovely sippability, no doubt. But it’s not all rounded; a few edges here and there give the spirit extra character and depth.
At first, the medium-long aftertaste emphasizes on the afore-mentioned spices: cinnamon and pepper. Then, an almond cookie crunchiness and a spearmint freshness join in. And last but certainly not least, Thy’s delicate Spelt-Rye also leaves us with yummy notes of green and yellow fruits – especially apple, gooseberry, garden plum, and (unripe) banana.

Type: Rye Whisky
Region: Denmark
Age: 3 years
Alc. volume: 47.9 per cent
Cask type: New American oak
# of bottles: 820
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price: ~99.00 Euro
More info: (Distillery)

*** I got the started tasting bottle from my friend Aaron of Dram United. ***

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