Fary Lochan 9yo Dist. Edition #07 – Danish Single Malt Whisky (Review)

Fary Lochan 9yo Distillery Edition with Oloroso Sherry Finish (Danish Single Malt Whisky)

For my last review of the year, I have picked a whisky that is extra-close to me: the 9-year-old Distillery Edition #07 from Danish boutique distillery Fary Lochan. Ever since I first showed up there as a visitor in 2019, the family-owned production site has completely conquered my heart, and the wonderful people behind it have become real friends. Consequently, I am always very excited when I get to try a new Fary Lochan bottling and very pleased afterwards! There is something about the distillery’s unique, handmade spirit that just ticks all the right boxes for me! Distillery Edition #07, which was launched in early July of 2022, makes no exception to this rule: The Oloroso-finished whisky has a full-bodied complexion, an exciting profile, and an opulent richness of smells and tastes (centering around oak, herb, dough, and dried fruit). With an elevated ABV of 47.2 per cent, the dram is highly palatable without lacking in the vigor department. All in all, Distillery Edition #07 showcases Fary Lochan’s enormous capabilities very, very well. I fully recommend it to any drammer out there eager to either get started with Fary Lochan’s excellent Danish single malt whisky, or to delve deeper into it!

by Tobi

Eye: Autumn gold with a dash of red.
Nose: The first thing I sense is an intense mix of fruity and herbal notes – as if someone left a basket full of overripe garden fruits (apples, plums, brambles) in a herbary overgrown with mint, thyme, and basil. There is also a vinous whiff and a foresty quality. The latter reminds me of rain-soaked moss. Last but not least, I also get oatmeal cookie, orange liqueur, and study wood as well as all-sorts of mild spices and a wee splash of table polish.
Mouth: After a bitter-sweet pomelo kick-off, the oily spirit becomes increasingly delicate. While it bellows from one side of the oral cavity to the other, I cannot help but think of children’s cough syrup. Furthermore, I taste aromatic forest honey, powdered cocoa bean, sun-dried dark cherry, cooled-off rosehip tea, burnt brittle, and oven-warm Christmas cake. Fine proportions of pine and resin ensure that the afore-mentioned forest note is well-represented at this stage of the degustation, too.
Finish: Medium long and neither too fruity nor overly sweet. Instead, the finish emphasizes on oak, zest, herb, grain, and dark chocolate. These sensations are topped off with a finger twist of demerara sugar and touch of strong licorice.

Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Denmark
Age: 9 years old
Alc. volume: 47.2 per cent
Cask type: ex-Bourbon & Oloroso
# of bottles: 393
Bottle size: 0.5 litres
Price: ~100.00 Euro
More info: https://farylochan.dk/ (Distillery)

*** I was given a started tasting bottle,
when I visited the distillery in November. ***


    1. I also wish you a Happy New Year, Carissa! It’s amazing to hear that you got to try some Fary Lochan in London, and liked it a lot. The distillery, the whisky, and the people have a very special place in my heart and I can’t help but smile whenever I hear of someone new who likes ’em, too!


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